Release of a new wireless connection of GROT georadars to a control device based on the Android operating system using Wi-Fi

May 22, 2018

Fig. 1.   Receiver GROT 12H with a Wi-Fi antenna and antennas 0.2m.

Fig. 1. Receiver GROT 12H with a Wi-Fi antenna and antennas 0.2m.

We successfully completed the tests for wireless control of the GPR with the use of Wi-Fi technology. This type of wireless connection has shown results that far exceed the Bluetooth technology for speed and stability of data exchange.That is of particular importance for continuous georadar surveys in automatic mode. When time delays are fixed up to 1024ns with an increment of 1ns the speed of shootin is 16 full waveforms per second with the display of the profile on the Google map in the tablet. As the time delay decreases, the speed increases.

android, gpr

Fig. 2. The program window in the control device.

Control via Wi-Fi is possible with any device based on Android. The subsequent transfer of data to any computer with a Windows operating system is provided.

tablet, gpr, android

Fig. 3. Screen of the Asus tablet based on Android with a test radargram and a waveform with a time delay of up to 10 microseconds. 

We tested the capabilities of the new software on various control devices and different models of georadars and started the serial production of the new wireless control for the GROT 12 series.


Fig. 4. Screen of a control device with a test radargram and blue marks

Now a GPR operator can carry the control device in the pocket at a distance of up to 100 meters from the GPR and conduct continuous georadar survey in automatic mode without any data loss.

The sound labels and display marks are provided that you can set for different time intervals. On the screen of the control device, you can enlarge the image of the radargram with your fingers, which is very convenient for small control devices.

Further processing of data is still performed in programs based on Windows OS.