Since 1997 we develop UWB electromagnetic signal technology and GPR design. 

In 2002 our research centre was accredited by the Ministry of Industry, Science and Technologies of the Russian Federation.

We major in solving the most complicated current problems of communication, opto-electronics and GPR and developing innovative equipment, based on the usage of ultra-wideband electromagnetic signals technology.

We design, develop and manufacture different devices, including advanced ground-penetrating radars GROT, and also create our own software to collect and process GPR data.

Our team consists of qualified and skilled specialists that are engaged in fundamental research and have years of experience of work in academic institutes and universities of Russia and abroad.

Working on the development of GPR technology and adapting our equipment to the growing needs of our customers, we carry out a large amount of practical work in the field and at the polygons all over the globe.

Often, it is difficult for the customer to find out, which GPR is the most suitable one to solve a particular task. We are always ready to present the comparative advantages and disadvantages of a GPR and offer the best solution.

GPR technology today is the most rapidly developing part of the exploration geophysics. We are always interested in learning new applications of GPRs and ready for cooperation.

GROT 12 type georadar has been successfully used both in salt mines and potash production facilities.
— “Belgorkhimprom” JSC

The main directions of our activity

  • Georadiolocation:
    • manufacturing and sales of GPR GROT
    • various ground-penetration services using GROT family georadars and software of our own production
    • research and development
  • Opto-electronics:
    • designing and manufacturing of ultra-wideband mirror and lens based optical-electronic UV-IR range equipment for robotic vision systems
    • research and development
  • Communication and means of its maintenance in the decameter range:
    • development and manufacturing of ionosondes ("Sail", "Forecast") and designing of SW radio stations with PCM of the signal (Angara-5M)
    • research and development