Grot 12 program

GROT12 program is used to collect, store, process and visualize the geoscanning data, is the basic software for GROT 12 series ground-penetrating radars and is a part of each GROT 12 type georadar set.

The main functions of the program are:

  • the control of the georadar during the scanning process through a personal computer with the COM port, USB port or Bluetooth interface and

  • the scanning data processing and visualization.

GROT12 program supports real-time combination of the GPR scanning process and GPS data to fix ad save coordinates of the research with an accuracy of the GPS receiver.

There are the manual and the automatic modes of georadar operation in GROT12 program. In the automatic mode, the period of the registration process start is regulated.

GROT12 program stores data in grot file format and can export data to:

  • text DAT type files

  • mapping software in a format GPX;

  • color images of sections in the formats bmp, jpeg.

Hyperbola program

This software helps you determine the depth of underground objects with unprecedented precision.

GROT 3D program

GROT program is used for post-processing and 3D visualization of GPR scanning data.

The main functions of the program are:

  • the visualization and processing of the scanning data, based on specially created, taking into consideration the construction specifications of GROT type georadars algorithms;
  • the construction of geological sectional drawing with the use of the migration procedures;
  • the retrieval of the spatial distribution of the subsurface media electromagnetic properties using the radarogramms (includes solving the inverse problem) and the three-dimensional visualization of the distribution
  • the export of the boundaries of the geoscanning sections to the map of the area with the use of GPS-binding of the scanning points
  • the statistical evaluation of the geoscanning data for creating the reports

GROT program stores data in grot file format and can export data to:

  • programs of 3D visualization: Surfer, Tecplot, Voxler, AutoCAD

  • MapSource mapping software (GPX file format) and MapInfo;

  • color images of the geoscanning sections and maps of the area with bmp and jpeg file formats

PC requirements for installation of GROT programms

  • ОС Microsoft Windows
  • Free space on the hard drive: 1 Gb minimum
  • RAM: 2 Gb minimum
  • Screen resolution: 800 × 600 pixels minimum