Study of deposits of rare earth elements in Zimbabwe

October 7, 2013

Field works in Zimbabwe

Field works in Zimbabwe

The works in Zimbabwe were carried out by experts from MELAZ-Systems Engineering LTD using the GROT 12 GPR produced by Timer CJSC.

The aim of the expedition was searching for and contouring of deposits of rare earth elements in the studied territory.

Our GPR technology allows evaluating the potential of mineral resources quickly, without unnecessary costs for drilling and without harm to the environment.

GROT 12 worked without fail in hot climates of Zimbabwe throughout the expedition. The use of wireless connection of the GPR to the control computer via Bluetooth made the work easier for the operator and the accompanying staff.

Underground anomalies are visible on the monitor of the control computer straight away on the field that helps to manage the procedure of research. In areas of anomalies specialists conduct additional studies using smaller increments on a track to get a more detailed picture of the subsoil section.

On the photograph you can see the lithological layers of soil on the site of mining production in the studied area. Dry soils in Zimbabwe allowed getting radargrams with high accuracy at the desired depth.


In some areas of the surveyed territory ore deposits were found and contoured. As a result of studies the three-dimensional pictures of ore deposits were built using the GROT software.

grot 12
Remote gpr control via Bluetooth was more comfortable for operator.

Remote gpr control via Bluetooth was more comfortable for operator.

We are grateful to MELAZ-Systems Engineering LTD for the materials.