general description

GROT 12H is the first universal ground-penetrating radar, combining capabilities of low and high frequency GPR. GROT 12H frequency range is from 15 to 1000 MHz.

GROT 12H has great effective dynamic range and provides excellent results in both shallow and great depths. GROT 12H consists of a transmitter, a receiver and a set of antennas. Ground penetrating radar is controlled with a personal computer (it can be a netbook or a tablet computer, for example) via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or a connecting cable.

Data processing and interpretation take place in real-time. Control program has a user friendly, convenient interface. Signal registration is carried out directly in a digital linear form. GROT 12H is provided with different antennas with various frequencies ranges available with centre frequencies of 750 MHz – 15 MHz and sizes in the unfolded form of 0.2-10 m accordingly.

The use of shorter antennas can greatly increase the resolution of the device. For example, GROT 12H with 0.2 meters long antennas can distinguish inhomogeneities of about 3 centimetres deep, while the measurement accuracy is determined by the interspace, which is used to move the device on the track.

The sensing depth of GROT 12H with 10 meters long antennas reaches 100 meters and more depending on the characteristics of soils. The georadar is operated by one or two specialists in manual or automatic modes with adjustable start period of the registration process.

The ground penetrating radar is characterized by a high rate of scanning and unlimited battery life.

The data acquisition and processing program allows real time combining GPR scanning and GPS data and building three-dimensional images taking into account the relief with an accuracy of the GPS receiver.


technical specifications

Frequency range, MHz


Dynamic range, dB


Pulse power of the transmitter, MW


Average emitted power, W


Range of the registered time delays, ns


Input resistance, Ohm


Length of the transmitted pulse, ns


Receiver sensitivity, mV


Operating temperature range, °C

-10 +50

Power consumption, W


Weight with batteries, kg


Processing time, sec


Type of the connection to the computer

RS485, USB; Bluetooth


basic set





Charging unit


Computer connection cable


Instuction manual


Set of standart antennas


GROT 12 software




Multifunctional frame